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The Making It! Institute Takes Flight with Boeing


The Making It! Institute for the Advancement of Business, A Newly Launched 501-c3 Not-For-Profit Corporation, is Dedicated to Promoting and Enabling Economic Empowerment and Personal Development in Minority Communities.


Los Angeles, CA (September 16, 2009) - Nelson Davis, President of The Making It! Institute, is pleased to announce Boeing Integrated Defense Systems as the first corporate sponsor of The Making It! Institute for the Advancement of Business, a newly launched 501-c3 not for profit corporation. With Boeing?s support, The Institute is currently planning its premiere live event to take place in the Los Angeles area during the first quarter of 2010. The objective of this event is to bring the minority small business community together to provide practical and emotional support via business resources, special networking opportunities, and peer-to-peer learning. 


In response to the recent development of The Making It! Institute, Jim Albaugh, then President and CEO of Boeing's Integrated Defense Systems expressed the following: Boeing and The Making It! Institute share a common goal of maximizing opportunities for small and diverse businesses. We appreciate and are committed to supporting organizations such as the Making It! Institute to deliver information and services that enhance business acumen and fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of these diverse firms.


Mr. Albaugh and Boeing have been long-time advocates and supporters of Making It! Minority Success Stories, America's Most Lauded Small Business Television Show. The 20 year history of producing the television program has provided its creator Nelson Davis with the inspiration and valuable insights to develop and launch The Institute. Through specific community outreach projects, annual live events, a website, and broadcast TV, the goal is to lend greater support to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in the community.


Boeing is the first of a select group of America's most community conscious corporations to team up with The Making It! Institute. Various opportunities for sponsorship are being created to help corporate America establish strong connections with the diverse business community. Currently, The Institute is developing programs that educate, inspire, and place a brighter public spotlight on the value of small and minority owned businesses to the overall financial health of all communities.  


Nelson Davis Television Productions began in 1988 with the mission to be a leader in promoting and enabling economic empowerment and personal development in minority communities by using electronic media and live interaction.


For more information please contact Erika Flynn or Nelson Davis at 323.460.5253