The Making It! Institute 
For The Advancement of Business 

"The world would be a better place if it operated on sound business principles"

-Nelson Davis, Founder

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"I firmly believe that a healthy and robust future for America demands more entrepreneurial thinking. Every community needs people who embrace and apply sound business principles for common prosperity. The Making It Institute will supply practical knowledge and technical support for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as strong knowledge-sharing opportunities.”

Nelson Davis --Founder

The Making It Institute for the Advancement of Business
is a 501-c3, not-for-profit dream of mine come true: to help the women and men in our underserved communities earn their places at the table with other growing businesses. Exciting business ideas and implementation have come from and will continue to come from diverse places and people. That is the essence of the American dream.

With fewer employment opportunities available in America today and a greater desire among the populace for self determination, more ambitious individuals of all ages are considering the entrepreneurial route to stability and economic advancement.  These people are the hidden treasure of job creation to be educated, guided and nourished for the greater good.

Our first program “Superstars of Small Business” is a series of live events that bring together superstar entrepreneurs with eager but less experienced business owners to foster peer-to-peer learning. We have plans for a technical assistance program as well. A high priority is to develop a special program for high school students to help them learn that the entrepreneurial way should be among the possible career path choices. Of course we’ll need the help and partnership of various organizations to realize our goals.

As the person who launched the successful Making It! Minority Success Stories TV series over 20 years ago and grew it into America' most lauded small business television show, I am proud to lead the Institute in providing community benefits through small business development.  

Learning from the best is the best way to learn!

But this doesn't happen in a vacuum. We ask your serious consideration in becoming a community partner of The Institute. Together, we are part of the solution for our great country’s socio-economic problems.