The Making It! Institute 
For The Advancement of Business 

Superstars of Small Business

The Making It! Institute for the Advancement of Business in partnership with the Los Angeles Regional Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) Network held the first Superstars of Small Business event on Tuesday, May 18 on the Long Beach City College Campus. The program was an intensive one-day learning format that brought together five entrepreneurs who built their businesses to gross $10M annually or more, with an audience of 75 eager small business owners and young entrepreneurs on scholarship. Adding to the days learning experience were three instructors, each specializing in specific areas of business expertise sales & marketing, social media, and finance. The event was purposely sized for intimacy to offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions and to maximize the peer to peer learning benefits.    Read more

A Step Ahead
A special five day summer program designed for a select group of high school students to educate them on the entrepreneurial life as a career possibility. They will be tutored by business owners and professors, while being exposed to a rigorous learning curriculum. Planned to take place in Los Angeles, thirty five students will be chosen by their counselors from various schools to attend. This intensive program will take place on a TV soundstage so that most of the sessions can be videotaped. This will result in one broadcast TV program and a series of DVDs so that the lessons can be shared with other students and educators. It is important for us to create educational materials that provide this step ahead for high school age youngsters, help them realize options, and develop goals for their futures in secondary education and beyond.

Making It Quarterly TV Specials
Having already produced 525 episodes of a weekly TV program devoted to minority and women business owners, we plan to produce four one hour shows to run quarterly on one or more broadcast TV stations. Each show will feature the stories of four diverse business owners, secrets of success, and advice from several business experts. We plan to air the programs on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon between 3 and 6pm. This allows entrepreneurs and other experts to share their knowledge widely. The program offers much needed inspiration for viewers, lets the community know that these people exist, and encourages all who have a dream.